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Web Development

Website Development

Website Development, Information, Planning, Design, Testing, Review and Launch

What is web development and how do I execute it? In bullet point for quick understanding:

If you like what you see, I built this site and can build one for you. And I can have it show up on the first page of Google and YouTube! Hover over any one of the buttons here to see pricing that matches your needs. Continue reading or click your selection to understand the services and features provided for each item.




Need a Website?

  • No matter how big or how small of a website your needs are, I can handle it all.
  • Am I experianced! Since 1999 providing quality websites, hosting and security for each of my clients online needs.
  • Hand coating each page to deliver images, video and artwork for fast deployment. Faster than most!
  • Navigation created for Search Engine specs that get you placement while also providing ease of understanding by viewers.
  • Optimzed content that strengthens placement.
  • Faster, more secure website hosting.
  • Separate email servers for security, optimized to keep your website safer with less spam, no malware, or virus attacks that may compromise your computer or server files.
  • Secure file sharing with password incrypted access. Giving you the ability to share any kind of file or size of file. With terrabytes of storage space available.

Website Build Strategy

Our Website Strategy


With all the research done, I then strategize how to build you a website that looks and converts best for your business. This strategy includes everything I have learned about your market, your competition, and your business. The best strategies come when you think like your prospects who are looking for what they need, then build them a clear, quick, precise way to obtain it.

Website Design

Our Website Strategy


Using responsive design, all of my websites are designed to be mobile ready, meaning your new website will respond correctly on any device. Then, before I begin any development, I'll go over each design with you so you can first review and approve the work. I found that by grouping related content to a single page, rather than separating them to different pages, this makes the seo efforts reach higher rankings due to more traffic to these pages. Creating your site to match your logo and branding while building designs that convert, load fast and are easy to navigate will help bring better results compared to an informational site explaining everything you do. Again, think as if you are searching for a specific service or product, then have them land on the buy now page with matching information to their search.

Website Development

Our Website Strategy


I develop your site by custom-coding the design. Again, there are no out of a box themes used; and if so it is all custom-coded to perform faster and look as your brand. Custom-coding gives me full access in ensuring the website has no limits in what can be designed to a best first impression and what can be converted into an optimum R.O.I. The development is all done on one of my demo servers so you can see the process and actually use the site before it is launched. With logins so others don’t happen upon it before finalized and to keep Google from indexing before its time.

Website Launch

Our Website Strategy


Once your website is fully developed and all the kinks are worked out, I'll launch the site onto your hosting server of choice. Once launched, I'll run more tests to ensure everything is working across different browsers and platforms, and begin setting up onsite SEO, an optional service, which ensures you do not lose any ground in the search engines. If you do not have hosting currently, I can offer you website hosting on one of my own private, secure hosting servers that are monitored, backed up daily, performing security updates and stopping all hacking efforts at the door. Once your site is launched I have several online SEO optimized services to help your website perform even better and bring in more customers to you. After all, that's the main reason for building your website, to obtain more clients who don't currently know you exist.


Our Website Strategy


Everything you place on the Internet can benefit from SEO “Search Engine Optimization”. It’s not just for your website. Blogs, Videos, Social Networks, Ecommerce, Promotional Landing Pages, Youtube, Instagram, Shopify, or even Amazon can benefit from SEO. Actually, anything online can be found through SEO optimized structures and strategies created towards key phrases people type in to find your online efforts. Google and Youtube are King and is where most of the searches are being done through today. That’s why I focus on Google/Youtube strategies mostly while also including a few Bing optimizations and strategies. If you want your online efforts to be found in Google with many top key phrases and for way less than it will cost to pay Google Ad fees, then reach out to me to begin your next optimized strategy that gets you paying clients. Sure I can get you in the white listings and Google’s “GMB”, “Google My Business”, what they refer to as “The 3 Pack” or “Google Maps” that you find on the first and second page of Google. But the real challenge is creating a visual and first and a compelling call to action. Helping you put your best foot forward for that best 1st impression that gets them to pick up the phone and contact you. That’s where I can help, by first strategizing a structured plan that focuses on the services and products you want to sell. With each item structured for results. When I am are hired to perform SEO, I don’t just place your online efforts on the top of Google and Youtube where you will be found, I help make your first impression seen be effective. ROI is our goal, otherwise I'm not doing my job.

Google GMB Placement

Our Google Strategy

Online Marketing SEO for Google My Business Top Placements

For way cheaper than paying Google Ads or Facebook Advertising or any other forms of marketing offered by other online agencies. Studio 4 Design can make all your online efforts reach the first page of Google and YouTube with many top key phrases for much less than other top agencies. With over 20yrs of experiance, I have kept up with the changes so you don't have to. I can make your online efforts be found by those who don't even know you exist. When people search for a product or service, your efforts can be found as I focus on many of the top key phrases that the viewer will type in to find their needs. I am actually cheaper than you hiring staff to try and do it yourself. Your local marketing efforts will benefit from my ability to get you into the 3 pack, or GMB, Google Maps or Google My Business listings as seen in the above image. Over 33% of viewers trust these listings over ads and the white listings. I have been able to get multiple sites, videos and social efforts showing up with the same key phrases I have focused my efforts on. Nothing is more exciting than the ability to out rank the top 10 on the first page, while finding more than a couple landing pages showing up!

Google Screened

Google Screened Specialist

Google Screen for the Very Top Placement Possible

Your portrait with verification that you have passed Google's Screening process. One that verifies trust that you are who you say you are and have no convictions that would be of any concern. Become a Google Screened or Google Guaranteed provider and earn a badge for your business based on your industry. A Google badge gives you extra credibility and gives customers more confidence to book your services. Local Services ads help you connect with people who search on Google for the services you offer. Your ads will show up for customers in your service area, and you only pay if a customer calls or messages you directly through the ad. I can help you figure out the right strategy for the best value.

YouTube Placement

Our YouTube Strategy

Online Marketing SEO for YouTube's Top Placements

Video has become the top searched key phrases for information searches. With YouTube being owned by Google, it's no wonder they have given their YouTube platform top placement in video searches. Adding this as another effort of yours being found on Google's first page and it having a visual image seen, this adds to your visibility while helping increase you R.O.I.

Social Networks for Placement

Our YouTube Strategy

Online Marketing SEO for Social Networks to Achieve Top Placements

Video has become the top searched key phrases for information searches. With YouTube being owned by Google, it's no wonder they have given their YouTube platform top placement in video searches. Adding this as another effort of yours being found on Google's first page and it having a visual image seen, this adds to your visibility while helping increase you R.O.I.

Press Releases for Placement

Press Release Strategy for Top Placement in Google

Press Release Syndication to Achieve Top Placements in Google

Press releases come with high page authority due to well established online news rooms with millions of followers. Google loves PR news. Knowing how to optimize for top placement to your submissions helps in our efforts to get you more viewers.

Basic Website Hosting

Basic host as low as $15 per month.

Basic Wordpress Hosting

Basic Wordpress hosting as low as $25 per month.

Managed Secure Hosting

Secure, managed hosting. Monitored security updates and backups with redundancy protection through server side firewalls. $65 per month.

Our Website Strategy

Website Hosting | Email Hosting | File Share Hosting

Secure Email Hosting

From Basic Website Hosting $10pm, WordPress Hosting $25pm, to Managed Secure Hosting $65pm, Spam Free Secure Emails, Secure File Sharing much like DropBox or NextCloud. All hosted on your own domain name and within your own secure separated hosting platform, with daily backups and multiple redundant servers that help further keep your site up; running and secure. Separated from attacks that are stop at the door before they can reach your site files and do damage. I'll monitor and update your website so you don’t have to. I’ll help you customise your hosting platform exact to your needs.

Secure File Sharing

Our Website Strategy

Your Own NextCloud File Sharing Platform

Nextcloud is a personal, secure way to store and also gain access to your information. Similar to DropBox, Nextcloud gives a user-friendly choice to that of other file-sharing softwares, with a focus on keeping your information secure while keeping viewers on your site. Gain access to your data from any mobile device or desktop, as well as team up with group-based efforts sharing seperate password protected folder with access to update/edit files, upload/download files helping keep your projects congruent throughout your team. With numerous expansions and also functions readily available via the Nextcloud neighborhood, Nextcloud appropriates for both private and business usage. With NextCloud installed for free, you could be up and running today! Combine this with nearly unlimited storage space available for $10 per teribyte per month you could gain access from anywhere to all your data. This hosting platform comes with 200GB of space to get you started.