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Commercial Photography
Long over due! I've needed to redo my own website for several years. I was always doing everyone
elses sites. Now with the pandemics, work has slowed to a snails pace giving me plenty of time to build my new site!
UT Photography Class
University of Tampa Master Camera Controls and Comp in the Field

Upcoming Events

Downtown Photography Classes

Weekend Group Photography Classes, Master Camera Controls and Comp in the Field.
Learn how to take better photos in just 4.5 hours!

With photographic destination around Tampa Bay, I'm offering two classes, back to back. Geared to the beginner in digital photography. The first is an hour
and a half, Master Camera Controls, where we go through the 5 main settings that help you achieve better images. Then a Comp in the Field, where we take
those settings just learned, focusing on composition and lighting, and seeing how I look at and consider those settings.

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One on One Photography Classes

One on One Photography Classes

Same destinations but with my undivided attention with you and your camera. Instead of waiting for the day I schedule each group class, we can pick about
any day of the week and time that works for both of us. Here I take you through a deeper dive into all your camera settings helping bring to light the technical
side of your camera so you may focus on the artful minds eye creations you invision.

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