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Great web design begins with understanding both your business and your customers. A website is not supposed to be a digital brochure or business card; it should be a way of selling for you 24 hours a day. Your website is not just a place to put information, but the face of your business online. For us at Studio 4 Design, our main objective is to deliver leads while helping you explain the benefits to your prospects what it is they are searching for. If your website is not a money-maker for your business, it is ineffective.

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We begin the process of building your online presence by researching everything we can about your business, customers, and competition. We evaluate what your site needs, what the market expects it to have, and what you like and don’t like. Then we also research what it is that clients are searching for the answers too. When selling online, it’s not just about what it is you can do and how you go about doing them, but more importantly what it is your prospect needs and a direct instant way to obtain the product or services or answers they desire. Doing this allows us to plan out a web design strategy that will fit best for your business.


With all the research done, we then strategize how to build you a website that looks and converts best for your business. This strategy includes everything we have learned about your market, your competition, and your business. The best strategies come when you think like your prospect who is looking for what they need and provide them a clear, quick, precise way to obtain it.


Our design team then takes this strategic information and creates the best web design uniquely fit for your business. We do not use cheap themes and simply swap out your logo. We custom design every page of your site by using the research we have gathered, combined with what we know works best in creating web designs that convert. Using responsive design, all of our websites are designed to be mobile ready, meaning your new website will respond correctly on any device. Then, before we begin any development, we go over each design with you so you can first review and approve the work.


Our team develops your site by custom-coding the design. Again, there are no out of a box theme used; and if so it is all custom-coded. Custom-coding gives us full access in ensuring the website has no limits in what can be designed to a best first impression and what can be converted into an optimum R.O.I. The development is all done on our demo server so you can see the process and actually use the site before it is launched. With logins so others don’t happen upon it before finalized.


Once the website is fully developed and all the kinks are worked out, we launch the site onto your hosting server of choice. Once launched, we run more tests to ensure everything is working, and begin setting up onsite SEO, an optional service, which ensures you do not lose any ground in the search engines. If you do not have hosting currently, we can offer you website hosting on one of our own private, secure hosting servers that are monitored, backed up daily, performing security updates and stopping all hacking efforts at the door.
Once your site is launched we have several online SEO optimized services to help your website perform even better and bring in more customers to you.




Over the years we have rented hosting platforms, placing them strategically around the U.S. for clients promotional efforts. Today we have kept the best of the best and can provide secure hosting, spam free secure emails, and secure file sharing much like DropBox or NextCloud. Hosted on your own domain name and within your own secure separated hosting platform, with daily backups and multiple redundant servers that help further keep your site up running and secure. Separated from attacks that we stop at the door before they can reach your files and do damage. We monitor and update your website so you don’t have to. Use the contact form below to inquire about these services. We’ll help you customise your hosting platform exact to your needs. Call/Text or Submit this form for a free quote today!

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I’m not just designing websites, photographing products for ecommerce, producing videos to tell your stories on your site, creating social networks, Google sites, and other 2.0 destinations to help promote your brand awareness, but all these are created with strategies focused towards online placement that get your efforts seen. Optimized to increase your ROI.





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Everything you place on the Internet can benefit from SEO “Search Engine Optimization”. It’s not just for your website. Blogs, Videos, Social Networks, Ecommerce, Promotional Landing Pages, Youtube, Instagram, Shopify, or even Amazon can benefit from SEO. Actually, anything online can be found through SEO optimized structures and strategies created towards key phrases people type in to find your online efforts. Google and Youtube are King and is where most of the searches are being done through today. That’s why I focus on Google/Youtube strategies mostly while also including a few Bing optimizations and strategies.

If you want your online efforts to be found in Google with many top key phrases and for way less than it will cost to pay Google Ad fees, then get in contact with me to begin your next optimized strategy that gets you paying clients.

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