Commercial photographer since 1980 and still going after all these years. Think I’m old school, think again. Teaching others photography on the side since 2006 through Digital Photography Academy out of New York has been why I continue to learn new ways to add to my old ways of getting to the same results, great images!


I’ve been doing graphic design since 2001 for clients. That’s when I changed the name of my photography company from Studio 4 to Studio 4 Design, LLC.


I’m not just designing websites, photographing products for ecommerce, producing videos to tell your stories on your site, creating social networks, Google sites, and other 2.0 destinations but all these are created with strategies focused towards online placement that get your efforts seen.


Everything you place on the Internet can benefit from SEO “Search Engine Optimization”. It’s not just for your website. Blogs, Videos, Social Networks, Ecommerce, Promotional Landing Pages, anything online can be found through SEO structures and strategies created towards key phrases people use to find you. 


We not only can handle your video needs, but when it comes to placing your videos on the Internet we can optimize them to be found through key phrase searches on Google.


Over the years I’ve rented rackspace on servers, placing them strategically around the U.S. for clients. Today I have kept the best of the best and can provide secure hosting, spam free secure emails, and secure file sharing much like DropBox and NextCloud. Hosted on your own domain name and within your own secure separated hosting platform, with daily backups and multiple redundant servers that help further keep your site up and running. Separated from attacks that we stop at the door before they can reach your files and do damage. 

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